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The Newest in Gymnastics Education Concepts:

Now, imagine that all of this is available nearby for you and your child.

It's a great opportunity for your child to benefit from the experience and knowledge of elite-level coaches and athletes. Give us a call to try our new and exciting programs for kids who are ages 4 years and older.

We believe it is important for kids to learn and to have fun. Our programs are both challenging and fun for kids of all levels and interests. Aerial Gymnastics programs are also tailored to stimulate your child's physical and mental development.

With more than 35 years of experience in gymnastics coaching, lesson development and gymnastics consulting for numerous gymnastics centers throughout the suburbs and the country, we offer a variety of classes and fun activities for kids of all ages.

Come and discover how gymnastics at an early age can help your child to learn and grow, or bring your experienced gymnast to see how he or she can be brought to the "next level!"

**********Aerial Gym News**********

One Of Our Own

Former Aerial Gymnast Anna Corbett is
the 2015 MAC All Around Champion!

Former Aerial gymnast Jordan DeClerk on USA Championships
and competing for Stanford University

Former Aerial gymnast Alex Buscaglia took a Journey
from Darkness to Champion!

Bobby Baker Makes His Mark at
USA Senior Winter Nationals!!


To join our state, regional and national championship team members, boys and girls, stop by the gym or click on the "Contact us" link.

Aerial and the NIGBC Parents' Booster Club take great pride in having so many individual and team champions! Congratulations to all our athletes! Keep up the good work as we set out to dominate Region 5 and beyond in 2013-14!